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Easy Vegan BiriyaniBy RichBiriyani is a traditional Indian dish of rice and vegetables. It is often cooked in an oven. However, this is a time consuming process. The following recipe will give a quick but delicious vegan biriyani.
Pumpkin Pie PancakesBy RichThis recipe is featured in the '40 Vegan Pancake Recipes' book by Connor Haris.
Oreo Chocolate Ice CreamBy RichThis is a smooth creamy ice cream, that needs to be made slowly to ensure it keeps the right texture, if you rush it, it could go crystally! 🙁
Aubergine and Sweet Potato TagineBy RichThis is a simple moroccan tagine recipe, perfect for beginners! The taste is amazing, as is the smell in your kitchen. Best made in a traditional tagine to get the full authentic tagine flavour.
Bean BurritosBy RichNow this is lush and so easy to make! A mix of different beans, chili, and rice, all wrapped up in a massive tortilla!