The Hectic Vegan Magazine Launch

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I am proud to announce that The Hectic Vegan will soon be launching a new magazine! This will be different to most of the other vegan magazines out there, mainly because this one will be free!

I have built an awesome group of writers, designers, and photographers over the last few months, and cant wait to share some of the stories and articles we've been working on.

Each issue will bring you lots of information to help you with your vegan life, whether you are just starting your vegan journey, or already a decade in, there will be something for everyone. Regular features include:

  • Vegan news
  • Food reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Conversion guides (e.g. cleaning products, shower products, etc.)
  • City guides
  • Vegan journeys
  • Educational pieces
  • and of course, Recipes!

If you would like to receive the magazine as soon as it comes out, click the button below:

We will also be launching a printed magazine too, so if you would like to register your interest in receiving the magazine delivered to your door, for free, click the button below:

If you are interested in joining the team, or have any ideas for the magazine, please just contact me!



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