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Cafe Rouge now have some great options labelled as vegan, and the burgers are vegan versions of their regular beef burgers, which hopefully will help to normalise veganism with their customers.

Check out the items below that are suitable for vegans:

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Last updated: 8 Sep 2020


  • Rouge Vegan Breakfast – Avocado, wilted baby spinach, beans, mushroom, tomato, sautéed potatoes, and sourdough toast. You can also add Portobello mushroom.
  • Pancakes – Three warm pancakes with fruit compote topped with your choice of Fresh strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and/or Pineapple.
  • Fresh Fruit Salad – A sweet medley of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pineapple



  • Olives – Large green giarraffa olives




  • Wild Mushroom Risotto – Oyster, Shiitake & chestnut mushrooms, watercress and baby spinach.


  • Spicy Chickpea Burger – Chickpea, pepper, and sweetcorn burger with sesame seed crumb, baby gem lettuce, plum tomato, and tomato tapenade in a soft sourdough bun. Ask for the vegan version.  Add extra toppings: Smashed avocado, Portobello mushroom, or Red onion chutney
  • Black Angus Burger – Beef burger with baby gem lettuce and plum tomato in a chargrilled brioche bun with Dijon mayonnaise.  Ask for the vegan version with an Oomph vegan burger.  Add extra toppings: Smashed avocado, Portobello mushroom, or Red onion chutney



  • House Salad



  • Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream – Two scoops.  Make sure you ask for the vegan vanilla.
  • Sorbet – Two scoops.  Choose from Lemon and/or Mango.


Kids Menu

  • Breakfast Pancakes – With fresh fruit and fruit compote.


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For more info, please check their website here

If you have any updates or comments about this, please add them below, we want this to be as updated as possible so any tips you have will be greatly appreciated!

First published: 7 Apr 2015
Last updated: 8 Sep 2020


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I’m newly vegan and heading to cafe rouge for a Sunday roast with my Family. Do you happen to know if anything in the Sunday menu is vegan? Particularly;

    layered gratin of sweet potatoes, flame peppers and giant couscous, topped with a herb crumb

    Thanks x

    • Hi April
      I’ll check on the Sunday roast for you
      But the dish you talked about, usually a gratin is a cheesy creamy sauce with veg then baked in the oven, so if it follows this tradition, then it won’t be! 🙁

      • Oh duh! Sorry I hadn’t even twigged to look at the dish itself. In my head it was some sort of nut roast!

        I’m hoping they’ll be able to cater for me on Sunday, but it’s a carvery so I’m guessing the only vegan content will be the veg! I’ll ask about the Risotto like you suggest 🙂

        Thanks for your help! x

  2. Tried to eat there yesterday sadly very poor choice for such a major chain and extremely expensive pathetically small portions, just because I’m a vegan does not mean I’m dieting. Don’t bother did not even have soya milk for a coffee
    Wetherspoons much better choice and staff that will adapt


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