The Hectic Vegan Magazine Issue 2

Must Try Recipes

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We are so proud to bring you the second issue of the magazine.

This issue contains:

  • YOUR RESOLUTIONS – Sticking to your New Year's resolutions can be hard if not planned properly
  • LOOK AT THE PROTEIN – A quick guide to protein and how to get enough from a plant-based diet
  • MEET VEGAN GEEZER – Martin tells us his story of how he became a full-time vegan
  • STRONGER TOGETHER – Joe discusses the links between the abuse of LGBTQ+ people & animals in our society
  • DANGEROUS MORALS – Why do we vilify vegans who need to take prescription medication?REAL MEN EAT PLANTS – With an increasing amount of men now opting for a plant-based diet, the old perception that it makes you less manly if you don’t eat meat is fast being wiped out
  • A HUGE STEP FORWARD – Entrepreneur Giles Cooper tells us about his overnight conversion to veganism
  • BEAUTY IDEALS – India walks us through the many vegan cosmetic brands on the market today
  • SAY CHEESE – A round-up review of vegan cheeses
  • MY VEGAN STORY – We meet three vegans who tell us why they went vegan and how they find it
  • VEGAN CAMP-OUT – Jordan tells us about this year's summer camp-out in Nottingham
  • VEGFEST UK – A look at the Brighton vegan festival taking place in March
  • CITY GUIDE: COPENHAGEN – Jake gives us a guided tour of the capital of Denmark, featuring places to eat and visit, including burger bars, cafes, and food markets
  • VALENTINE'S DAY – A buyer's guide of vegan-friendly Valentine's Day gifts
  • Plus reviews, recipes, competitions, vegan diary, and more



Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary is available to buy here: Amazon UK


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