The Hectic Vegan Magazine Issue 1

Must Try Recipes

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We are so proud to bring you the launch issue of the magazine.

This issue contains:

  • DAIRY IS SCARY – A look at why dairy is bad for us, beyond the harm it does to the cows involved
  • BEAUTIFUL BERLIN: THE VEGAN CAPITAL OF EUROPE – Marissa gives us a guided tour of the vegan capital of Europe, featuring places to eat and visit, from the wonderful restaurants to the smallest cafes
  • POWERED BY PLANTS – We spend a day with entrepreneur Giles Cooper to see what fuels him to success
  • VEGAN COMMUNITY – Rebecca from Hailsham Vegans on how she found her local vegan community
  • ONLY CONNECT: VEGAN ETHICS AND SPIRITUALITY – Kate E A Berridge, a vegan for forty one years and a teacher of healing and meditation makes a natural connection between the ethics of veganism and spirituality in this inspiring article
  • CITY GUIDE: YORK – A top 10 of must-visit vegan-friendly places to eat in York
  • CAMPAIGN: CIRCUS – The power of the peaceful protest at a travelling circus
  • AN INTRO TO MATCHA – We take a look at matcha, the latest craze that’s popping up all over the place
  • AFTERNOON TEA – A look at the afternoon tea offered by The Temple Cafe and The Oak Tree in Essex
  • CHOOSE LIFE – Aoife, an 18-year old new vegan, tells us what veganism means to her
  • SAY CHEESE – A round-up review of vegan cheeses
  • Plus reviews, recipes, competitions, vegan diary, and more


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  1. I wish you the greatest success in your new magazine offering. It looks to be very helpful and relevant to vegans, who don’t have much addressed to us in mainstream info. Since vegans are a small percentage of the population, I am looking forward to “The Lonely Vegan”. 🙂

  2. Great to read about veganism -a subject I feel is valued with worldwide active lifechanging choises creating a lovely Peace at our planet Earth.
    Food enough to feed everyone.
    Health spirulizing inside and in LOVING reality!
    Beauty when there are harmony with nature and we follow rythms in respect for all sorts of species.


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