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Zizzi was the first national chain to offer vegan pizza (not just a no-cheese pizza!) a move that made all the other Italian chains realize there is a need, and followed suit! ūüôā

Check out the items below that are suitable for vegans:

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Last updated: 26 Aug 2020


  • Zizzi Mixed Olives – A mix of pitted green & purple olives in a garlic, red pepper & herb oil.
  • Garlic Bread –¬†Brushed with garlic & rosemary.
  • ‘Little Soul' Breads – Baked with garlic & sea salt.
  • Vegan Bruschetta –¬†Tomatoes, red onion & roasted garlic, in extra virgin olive oil, on toasted focaccia. With super green pesto.



  • Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro –¬†Tomato sauce with speciality tomatoes.
  • Lentil Linguine Rag√Ļ¬† – Rich Italian lentil rag√Ļ with baby sunblush tomatoes, kale & linguine.
  • Customise your pasta with any of the following: Fire roasted peppers, Field mushrooms, Pine nuts, Black olives, Red chillies, Roasted red onions, Spinach.



  • Vegan Rustica Margherita – Tomato, vegan Mozzarisella (made with coconut oil), and basil.
  • Vegan Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot¬† – Vegan jackfruit pepperoni, spicy harissa, roquito chillis & vegan Mozzarisella cheese.
  • Try customising your pizza with any of the following: Caramelised balsamic onions, Mushrooms, Pine nuts, Jackfruit pepperoni, Black olives, Smoky tomatoes, Fire-roasted peppers, Red chillies, Hot roquito chillies, Smoked chilli jelly, Roquito pearls, Spinach, Super green pesto.



  • Garlic Bread –¬†Brushed with garlic & rosemary.
  • Chips – with rosemary & sea salt.¬†These are cooked in the same fryer as non-vegan food.
  • Sweet Potato Fries These are cooked in the same fryer as non-vegan food.
  • Fried Herby Potatoes These are cooked in the same boiler as non-vegan food.



  • Golden Millionaire's Slice – A chocolate chip cookie base, topped with layers of salted toffee & coconut chocolate ganache. Finished with splashes of gold.


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For more info, please check the Zizzi's website

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First published: 12 Apr 2016
Last updated: 26 Aug 2020

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