Win a Hotel Chocolat All Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper – CLOSED

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Win a Hotel Chocolat Vegan Chocolate Hamper

This competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world

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  1. Having to shop out of town and online for really good vegan products not available nearby where I live. Worth the trip and time though!!

  2. I find the hardest thing about being vegan is eating out, there is just so little choice, although this seems to get better each Veganuary there is still a long way to go. It was would nice to go somewhere to eat with more than one thing to choose from. Clearer labelling in shops would help too for when I’m shopping, it’s surprising just how many things contain milk when it’s not needed.

  3. Hardest thing for me about being vegan is witnessing the hypocrisy of people raging against such things as Korean dog meat whilst eating other animal products. Particularly when I know them some of them, my friends, to be in all other regards kind and intelligent. Second hardest thing is finding a way to say the above without sounding arrogant!

  4. The hardest thing is having to explain to people who just don t get it and try to catch you out searching for obscure ingredients containing animal products .

  5. I’m newly vegan after being veggie for a year. I hadn’t realised Hotel Chocolate did so many vegan options! I’ve discovered a new found love for dark chocolate too!


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