Valentine’s Day Vegan Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day Vegan Gift Guide

If you’re looking to treat the special one in your life this Valentine’s Day with something vegan, then look no further than here. I have rounded up the best options out there to buy them, and if you have found something else great, please add it to the comments below.



Under £3

£3 – £4.99

£5 – £9.99

£10 – £19.99

Over £20



Under £3


biona organic pomegranate heart sweets

Biona Organic Pomegranate Heart Sweets

Super cute and delicious heart shaped jelly sweets that are full of real pomegranate juice and made without any artificial colours or flavours.


Available at: Amazon and Ethical Superstore

orgran shortbread hearts

Orgran Shortbread Hearts


Available at: Amazon and Goodness Direct

seed and bean raspberry coconut

Seed and Bean Coconut & Raspberry Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

Delicious chocolate infused with coconut oil and hidden inside each bar are almost 40 crushed organic raspberries.


Available at: Amazon

moo free cranberry

Moo Free Dairy Free Cranberry & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

This fruit & nut bar is made with Moo Free’s award-winning, organic, dairy free chocolate topped with delicious, juicy, organic cranberries and hazelnuts.


Available at: Amazon

£3 – £4.99


ananda valentines round up

Ananda Valentine Round Up


Available at: Amazon and Ananda Foods

booja booja six truffle boxes

Booja-Booja The Rainbow Collection

Each box contains six truffles, available in the following eight flavours: Almond & Sea Salt Caramel, Selection No. 1, Selection No. 2, Dark Ecuadorian, Fine de Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch, Raspberry, and Rhubarb & Vanilla.


Available at: Amazon

divine hearts

Divine Dark Chocolate Hearts

Make every day special for your loved one with these lovely Dark Chocolate hearts from Divine. Made from the same delightfully rich and tasty Fairtrade labelled chocolate as you will find in Divine’s dark chocolate bars.


Available at: Amazon and Ethical Superstore

montezumas build a bar

Montezuma’s Build a Bar

Pick your sweetheart’s favourite flavour, choose a colour for the box, and write your own personal message on the box, what could be cuter than this?


Available at: Montezuma's

£5 – £9.99


bluebird love potion

Bluebird Tea Co. Love Potion


Available at: Bluebird Tea Co.

lush in your dreams

Lush In Your Dreams Gift Box


Available at: Amazon and Lush

£10 – £19.99


lush with love

Lush With Love Gift Box


Available at: Lush

montezumas vegan truffle collection

Montezuma’s Vegan Truffle Collection

A collection of Montezuma’s best selling truffles including Sunrise (Dark Chocolate with Orange), Creme de Cacao (Very Dark Chocolate Truffle), Moondance (Dark Chocolate with Almond Praline), and Quick Fix (Dark Chocolate with Freshly Brewed Coffee)


Available at: Montezuma's

booja booja special edition gift collection

Booja-Booja Special Edition Collection

Each box contains 12 truffles, available in the following flavours: Fine de Champagne, Hazelnut, Selection No. 1, and Selection No. 2.


Available at: Amazon

the vegan kind valentine

The Vegan Kind Be My Valentine


Available at: The Vegan Kind

lush happy valentines day

Lush Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Box


Available at: Lush


Over £20


montezumas herbivore vegan gift bag

Montezuma’s Herbivore Vegan Gift Bag

A great little collection of very dark chocolate for those chocolate purists. Contains Organic Dark Giant Button Bag, Sea Dog 100g Bar, Very Dark 100g Bar, Lordy Lord 100g Bar, Sunrise Truffle Bag, and Dark Cherry Kingdom Bar.


Available at: Montezuma's

lush love and kisses

Lush Love and Kisses Gift Box


Available at: Lush

lush lots of love

Lush Lots of Love Gift Box

Soak in sensuous rose filled waters, envelop your body in luxurious tonka lathers and caress skin with magical moisturising massages. Contains Cupid bath bomb, Lover Lamp bath bomb, Rose Bombshell bath bomb, Lovestruck bubble bar, Prince Charming shower cream, Love You Love You Lots soap, and Love Spell massage bar.


Available at: Lush



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